Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    FNR008 - Shot Not - There's Still Time

    Out of the ashes of The Sweaters/WireHangovers/WhateverYouWannaCallThem comes another band that is probably a little bit better, SHOT NOT. This is Long Island punk. Running the gamut between songs that sound kinda like Cheap Girls and some that sound like more straight-up pop-punk, this is a summer EP. It's for drives around the block to 7-11 with your friends when all you need is just a fucking Slurpee and you'll be alright.

    01. What It's For
    02. No...Okay, Fine
    03. Time Flies When You're Not Having Fun
    04. Animalz

    All songs written and recorded by Shot Not.

    Released by Friendly Neighborhood Records, 2010.


    Anonymous said...

    can't really hear the vox...:/

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