Sunday, May 9, 2010

    FN Records Update #10

    Hello all,

    Things have slowed down a little bit around here but never fear! It's finals time. I'm just staggering the releases and not putting out like 3 a week. The next release will be the Shot Not EP on May 11.

    Anyway here's the rundown.

    -GHOST MALL and MILES NIGHTHAWK! will be releasing a split 7" with a limited run of 50 copies this summer.

    -Here are the tentative dates for the Ghost Mall Summer Tour w/ JOHN WARREN.
    08/09 - NYC
    08/10 - NJ
    08/11 - MD
    08/12 - VA
    08/13 - NC
    08/14 - VA
    08/15 - DC
    08/16 - PA

    -The last Kitty City show of the semester will be on May 15.

    That's all for now. I thought I had more to announce.

    Stay well,


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