Friday, April 30, 2010

    FNR006 - Anthony Parks - A Treatise on Substance

    ANTHONY PARKS makes beautiful music, plain and simple. Thirteen songs of complex acoustic guitar work and melodic vocals make "A Treatise on Substance" one of the best records we have ever put out. Don't believe me? Download the album.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Sneak Peek: Fire to Wood, "Trouble in Mind"

    For a listen to an upcoming track for the FNR split with Cake Life Collective, visit our tumblr.

    Having a web presence is repetitive and boring. :(


    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    FN Records Update #9

    Hello all.

    There has been a flurry of activity round these parts lately. It is with great pleasure that I have revived this venture. Touring with Ghost Mall and the headaches and heartaches surrounding that adventure kind of forced me to put FNR on the back burner.

    But it's given me a lot of time to think about the future of this. As it stands right now, this is just a dumping ground for the music that me and my friends make. That's cool but I'm not satisfied. I love giving away music for free but I need to produce something real. I want something I can touch that when I find it in my attic 50 years from now I can pop in a tape deck (will they still have those in 2060?) or on a record player and remember that I was doing something when I was 21.

    Maybe that's a little selfish. Maybe it's not. You decide.

    The following news will have a little to do with my thoughts about the future of FNR.

    -There will be, at the very least, 2 cassette releases this summer. One will definitely be GHOST MALL's "Goons" EP. The other has not been decided yet. But I have some ideas.

    -SUNSHOWER ORPHANS is done recording! They will be releasing a six song EP on STATE CAPITAL RECORDS. 12" vinyl, baby. It's gonna be good.

    -Please welcome MILES NIGHTHAWK! and SHOT NOT to the Friendly Neighborhood family! We met Miles Nighthawk! down in North Carolina. I've totally slept on the floor of his bedroom. He makes funny, little songs about girls and love. You know, the important stuff. Shot Not features a former member of the Wire Hangovers and are chock full of some nice punk nuggets. I'm very excited to be releasing them both.

    -Very soon, Friendly Neighborhood will be involved in the next compilation from the CAKE LIFE COLLECTIVE. We are doing a split comp so expect some mostly previously unreleased tunes from a bunch of FNR bands and a gaggle of songs from bands involved with Cake Life.

    That's about it. So you know, physical releases. Think about them. Start saving up now.


    Sunshower Orphans, "Coney Island Daydream"

    A video from the best band that you (stupidly) don't listen to. This is SUNSHOWER ORPHANS with "Coney Island Daydream" from a show in February. It was filmed by Martin from Music vs Hunger. Hopefully, we'll get to release something by them soon.

    BB-FNR002 - Ghost Mall - Live n' Local Session

    Ghost Mall - Live n' Local Session

    I suppose this isn't technically a Basement Bootleg but whatever. These are three acoustic tracks from a visit we made to our campus radio station, 88.7 WFNP The Edge, in October. There is a show called "Live n' Local" that interviews bands and stuff. They were kind enough to give us a copy of the show as we have it here for your listening pleasure. 

    1. 40 Nugs (Acoustic)
    2. Balloon Ideas (Acoustic)
    3. Johnny Appleseed (Acoustic)

    All tracks written and performed by Ghost Mall. Recorded on Live n' Local on October 31, 2009.

    Cover art culled from a picture by Flickr user practicalowl.

    Thanks to Nikki Gertner and Sarah Fine.

    Released by Friendly Neighborhood Records, 2010.

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    No Input: The Noise Underground

    This is a documentary done by a couple of kids we know at SUNY New Paltz. All the NP bands that get posted here aren't the only game in town. There is crazy shit going on everywhere. Here's a little look at noise. You might not get it but that doesn't mean you should write it off.

    No Input: The Noise Underground

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    FNR005 - QUARTERBACKS & John Warren Present A Symbiotic Split

    QUARTERBACKS and John Warren Present A Symbiotic Split

    QUARTERBACKS is the music project of Maddie and Dean that since this has been recorded is sadly mostly defunct. But their fun little twee pop tunes are here in acoustic form as opposed to electric guitar plus snare and hi-hat combo, to better complement Mr. Warren.

    JOHN WARREN has the honor of being the first artist ever released by FNR. The songs on this particular release are older than those on Survival Songs but still display an earnestness that can be found in all of his music.

    Both John and Dean are two of the most prolific songwriters around. FNR will soon be releasing John Warren's full-length Drink Less, Sleep More and for more of Dean's music check out Minor Constellations and Ken Griffey Junior.

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Ghost Mall - "Johnny Appleseed" Video Teaser

    This is a video done by my little brother, Hunter. Hopefully, this summer we will film shorts for each song on our Goons EP.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    April 23 Show

    Tomorrow, April 23, 8pm
    Scudder Hall at SUNY New Paltz

    Fo' FREE.

    FN Records Update #8

    We are back.

    This is real again.

    You don't have to worry.


    FNR004 - Wood Burning Stoves - EP

    Before you get into this EP I just want to apologize for disappearing. But FNR is back in action. We have overcome our technological diffficulties. Big things in store.


    Wood Burning Stoves - EP

    According to the Farmer's Almanac, the winter of 2009 - 2010 is going to be the coldest and snowiest one we've had since 1993. But fear not--Wood Burning Stoves' latest EP will keep you warm (and it isn't just because of the name). Jangly guitars, catchy tunes, and emoting lyrics make a blanket you can hibernate under until the sun shines again. -Nikki Wertheim

    Click under the album art to download.