Thursday, October 29, 2009

    FN Records Update #3

    This is a quick one.

    Ghost Mall will be playing a few songs acoustic and getting interviewed on The Edge's Live n' Local radio show. If you live in the Hudson Valley, tune your dial to 88.7FM but if you live in the farther reaches of the state or country, go to and click "Tune In Live!" on the right side.

    If you miss the radio show, we will be releasing the songs we play on Halloween! Right here!

    Also, how is the new layout for the Web site? Is there anything missing or needed? Let me know.

    Quote of the day: “Are we supposed to stay on this toboggan slide to cultural hell or is there a way to reverse it?” -Howard Good

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    BB-FNR001 - Ghost Mall - Smiley Art Bootleg 10.17

    Ghost Mall - Smiley Art Bootleg 10.17

    The first entry in our Basement Bootleg series. These recordings come from the most recent show in the basement of the Smiley Art Building on our campus. No cops. Just rock. Seven tracks of Ghost Mall-y goodness. This is pretty rough but listenable. Enjoy.

    Original cover photo by Nikki Gertner.
    Click under the album art to download.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    FN Records Update #2

    Hello again,
    So we have actually started stuff here at FNR. Moving to Tumblr was a fail. Something about it didn't quite sit right with me.
    As far as actual FNR updates, we have a number of new releases. Here they are:

    Literally Hours away - Ghost Mall - Smiley Art Bootleg

    11/02 - Sunshower Orphans - Polly Ana single (I am so excited for this one. "Polly Ana" is my favorite SO song.)
    11/09 - Wood Burning Stoves - EP

    Other news:
    -Minor Constellations mastermind Dean Engle has started a new band called Quarterbacks.
    -Our friends, Sharks Roar, are recording!
    -Math the Band and Data Dog are playing at Kitty City in New Paltz on 10/24. I want you to go to there.
    -Ghost Mall is actually recording from November 6-8 with DJ Teenwolf. This will be incredible.

    Get psyched,

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    FNR003 - Fire to Wood - Upstate Revelry

    Fire to Wood - Upstate Revelry

    Fire to Wood is Mike Godici. He is a ramblin', travelin' man. At this very moment I have no idea where he is but I'm never surprised to hear that he's wandering around this country of ours. His music is for riding across state lines in a kind stranger's car. Travel-worn, cigarette stained front porch acoustic folk songs for loving and living in squalor.

    Album cover photo originally by Flickr user xoxoryan.
    Click under the album art to download.

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    SS-FNR001 - moon trees - gris/dogjoy

    moon trees - gris/dogjoy

    Synth, samples, and static remind us that when words fail, music explains things unspoken. Moon Trees' first digital single will lull you into an anxious sleep or keep you awake and thinking. The words "beautiful" and "free" now have a soundtrack.

    This is FNR's first release in our digital single series. I couldn't be happier having the inaugural release come from one of my closest friends (and band mate in Ghost Mall), Alex Letourneau.

    Click under the album art to download.