Sunday, April 25, 2010

    FNR005 - QUARTERBACKS & John Warren Present A Symbiotic Split

    QUARTERBACKS and John Warren Present A Symbiotic Split

    QUARTERBACKS is the music project of Maddie and Dean that since this has been recorded is sadly mostly defunct. But their fun little twee pop tunes are here in acoustic form as opposed to electric guitar plus snare and hi-hat combo, to better complement Mr. Warren.

    JOHN WARREN has the honor of being the first artist ever released by FNR. The songs on this particular release are older than those on Survival Songs but still display an earnestness that can be found in all of his music.

    Both John and Dean are two of the most prolific songwriters around. FNR will soon be releasing John Warren's full-length Drink Less, Sleep More and for more of Dean's music check out Minor Constellations and Ken Griffey Junior.

    1. Loveseat
    2. Tracks
    3. New York Times
    4. Sown In Beers (John Warren cover)

    John Warren
    5. When You Were 15
    6. The First Time I Kissed You
    7. Untitled (4th of July)
    8. Point 9 (QUARTERBACKS cover)

    Tracks 1-3, 8 written by QUARTERBACKS.
    Tracks 1-4 performed by QUARTERBACKS.

    Tracks 4-7 written by John Warren.
    Tracks 4-8 performed by John Warren.

    Cover art for this release was created by the wonderful Jasmine Helm and Matt Leonenko.

    Released by Friendly Neighborhood Records, 2010.


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