Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    FN Records Update #6


    We are just worn out from the holidays. Here's the plan for 2010:

    1. Revamp this here Web site.
    2. Put out more stuff that we've been sitting on like Wood Burning Stoves, Anthony Parks, QBs/John Warren etc.
    3. Throw more shows.
    4. Make more friends.
    5. Read more books.
    6. Play more Modern Warfare 2.

    Other news:

    -Ghost Mall will hopefully finish recording on 1/12/10.

    -The December 23rd benefit show raised around $500 bucks for Showpaper! That's incredible.

    -Want to do a Spring compilation. Need more bands. Send me your things.

    That's all folks.


    Katie Rush said...

    YAH SHOWPAPER!!!! thank you dudes. Showpaper is the best and really needs the money.

    SleepWhenDead said...

    Congrats on raising 93% of your tour budget already. You should try and come down to Mexico after SXSW for Todd's festival too! It's going to be even better than Austin...

    pierce said...

    Katie: Word.

    Joe: We're at like 97% now! I wish we could go to Mexico but high education is calling. The week we go on tour is just Spring Break. Will you be down there that week?


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