Friday, December 4, 2009

    FN Records Update #5

    First of all I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Ghost Mall Tour 2010 Kickstarter Project. We are 58% of the way there!

    Sorry we've been so absent. The end of the semester is rough. Here is some news and some things to look forward to:

    -First of all, SHOW TOMORROW! 8pm at KITTY CITY in New Paltz. The lineup is The Whiskey Diary, John Warren, Wood Burning Stoves, feelings. and Ghost Mall. Get psyched! $3-5 donations.

    -We have a new contributor, Nikki Wertheim. She'll be helping with posting little album burbs etc. I used to work with her on The New Paltz Oracle. She rules.

    -Speaking of Nikki, her first post will be today. We are releasing the Wood Burning Stoves' EP.

    -There will be a winter compilation coming out. Keep an eye out.

    -QUARTERBACKS and John Warren are doing a split!

    -We are releasing Anthony Parks' record next week!

    -Ghost Mall has been recording. It is looking like a 6 song EP or whatever you want to call it. 4 songs are practically done. 2 have yet to have any work done on them yet. It's all going really well. We're looking at a February 2010 release.

    -Sunshower Orphans finally has their shit together! They have four shows lined up. Go see them. They are fantastic. Also, I heard they covered Ghost Mall at their last practice.

    That is all. Thanks for hanging in there!


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