Friday, October 23, 2009

    FN Records Update #2

    Hello again,
    So we have actually started stuff here at FNR. Moving to Tumblr was a fail. Something about it didn't quite sit right with me.
    As far as actual FNR updates, we have a number of new releases. Here they are:

    Literally Hours away - Ghost Mall - Smiley Art Bootleg

    11/02 - Sunshower Orphans - Polly Ana single (I am so excited for this one. "Polly Ana" is my favorite SO song.)
    11/09 - Wood Burning Stoves - EP

    Other news:
    -Minor Constellations mastermind Dean Engle has started a new band called Quarterbacks.
    -Our friends, Sharks Roar, are recording!
    -Math the Band and Data Dog are playing at Kitty City in New Paltz on 10/24. I want you to go to there.
    -Ghost Mall is actually recording from November 6-8 with DJ Teenwolf. This will be incredible.

    Get psyched,


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